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Does it fulfill you? Bring you joy? Are you affecting the world and others in a positive way? This eclipse is even more potent due to its alignments. The Capricorn Moon will have just passed over Saturn and Pluto both in retrograde and the South Node in the hours leading up to the eclipse. Together, these three sun, Jupiter, Saturn are considered diurnal, masculine, or yang in nature, and the morning apparitions reinforces this. The sun and the moon are conjunct the lunar nodes- the moon being conjunct the karmic south node which represents the past.

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Position Of Saturn-Ketu During Lok Sabha Election As the nation gears up for the Lok Sabha election, the analysis of Saturn-Ketu conjunction becomes all the more important to predict the performance of various political parties. Crisis-related patterns incessantly emerge in relationships, and it is often this type of energy that is being drawn into the native's life by their own subconscious volition.

There will be expected negative consequences, potentially disasterous consequences, or backfiring. Saturn at extreme upper right. In vedic astrology , marriage is seen from the 7th house. As if three planets retrograde were not enough, Saturn and Pluto are both conjunct the South Node, so these are not your usual retrogrades.

These points support recapturing the imagination and power to imagine your life:. With Jupiter aspecting your 12th house, you can also expect to go on foreign trips. The nearly-full waxing gibbous moon will swing by the planets Jupiter and Saturn on August 9, 10 and 11, This needs a further look. In planet spotting this month, the Moon pairs up with Jupiter in the evening sky on August 9. If adversely Placed, it can give a sense of false ego which can cause separation in Married Life and in Business Partners.

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The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Moon makes you feel depressed and lonely while at the same time you feel very demanding and critical of yourself. Algol is a very powerful fixed star and when she activates a personal planet, we can feel as invincible as Medusa's head. The night skies in August are full of celestial wonders, including bright planets and a meteor shower.

For a personal consultation connect at astrourvasshi gmail. All of your feelings, needs, and complexes are out there for everyone to see. The Taurus new moon is always a time to reconnect with the earth, her abundance, and beauty that surrounds you. There will be Venus and Ketu conjunction in end of February , followed by Venus and Rahu conjunction in July Jun 18th - 12pm.

The alignment of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn will be observable with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. But, it's starting now. Pluto will conjunct the South Node in Capricorn from March 30 — April 5 at 23 Capricorn, with the aspect becoming exact on April 4, Related stories. If it is you really do need to have an astrology reading. In the natal chart if the Moon and Saturn are in a fourth harmonic aspect that is either a conjunction, square or opposition.

This will be critical for the USA since it hits the USA Mercury in Cancer exactly in a fanatical opposition to Pluto so will exacerbate nervous strain and increase dogmatic opinions. Saturn conjunct Pluto — formidable, rare and potentially fantastic — is exact in January Moon Conjunct Saturn in the Natal Chart. Saturn reached its yearly opposition about a month behind Jupiter, on. Following the world maps are detailed predictions for the occultations of Venus and Saturn.

Mercury goes direct on November 20, at 17 degree 34 minutes in Libra sign. Saturn conjunct Pluto - formidable, rare and potentially fantastic - is exact in January So I have done a minute rant which you can instantly download here. All your property matters, disputes, Professional imbalance and inconsistency is going to an end with this Transit…. You will be relieved of all the domestic issues which must have disturbed you in last 18 months. Venus shines as a brilliant evening star during late and early Saturn is the most difficult planet in astrology. Aspects in astrology are the ever-changing angles formed by the planets.

This is a list of our solar system 's recent and forthcoming planetary conjunctions in layman's terms, "when two planets look close together".

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The Conjunction Cycle of Saturn and Pluto If you can understand the meaning of planetary cycles, then you can understand the unfolding of history. As most of you know, is said to be a challenging year by astrologers who have made a lot of videos available on youtube. I have had a lot of messages and comments from people who have been feeling quite concerned about some of the aspects that have been talked about in the astrological community, especially the Saturn Pluto conjunction coming up at the beginning of Moon always want to be happy and peaceful, The Moon is the emotional happiness and balance of mind.

These people have stress, fear and anxiety problem as general in life. We can Be mature about situation's. Yet it Shows how we can have strength.

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But this conjunction is not always unfavorable. For a love marriage to happen , there must be the influence of venus the planet of love , romance on the 7th house , 7th lord directly or indirectly in the D1 and D9 Navamsa chart. And then their mutual natures are just the opposite of each other, they can't seem to work together. Saturn has been in Capricorn since December Similarly, though the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit itself will only be exact once, on 12 January , it will also make two almost conjunctions, in April and September , where the planets will come to within three degrees of one another.

The Moon will be at its closest approach to the Earth and may look slightly larger and brighter than usual. On the evening of August 11, the moon will appear to the right of Saturn and then on.

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Saturn rules structure, shoulds, adulting, responsibility and accountability. Look to the southeast before sunrise.

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The two are in close conjunction only 1 degree apart just east of the Teapot. The year of is gaining a lot of focus due to just one conjunction. Another very good astrologer, Smiljana Gavrancic came up with this definition for Mercury's position: Jupiter turns direct on 11 August GMT , Sunday, at 14 Sagittarius 30', with Mercury crossing over the very end of the sign of Cancer, 29 Cancer which is the place of Jupiter chakra, our 3rd eye, because that is the transition point from Cancer into the sign of Leo, where two lights, our two eyes the Moon as the ruler of Cancer, and the Sun as the ruler of Leo 'meet'.

Saturn is the planet of fear and with Ketu, the indictor of loss and fear, we cannot help but have a sense of this fear-enticing aspect. Saturn comes up with the waning moon tonight at the end of evening twilight around 11 p.

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But the takeaway here is that this Mars-Saturn conjunction isn't "normal". By using our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Current time is:. Hunter Moon.

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Beaver Moon. Cold Moon. Wolf Moon. Snow Moon. Worm Moon. Pink Moon.