Dwadashamsha chart astrology

Non-luminous UpaGrahas Sub-Grahas. Add 4 Rasis 13 degrees and 20 minutes of arc to Sun's longitude at a given moment to get the exact position of the all inauspicious Dhoom. Reduce Dhoom from 12 Rasis to arrive at Vyatipat. Vyatipat is also inauspicious. Add six Rasis to Vyatipat to know the position of Parivesh.

He is extremely inauspicious. Deduct Parivesh from 12 Rasis to arrive at the position of Chap Indra Dhanus , who is also inauspicious. Add 16 degrees 40 minutes to Chap, which will give Ketu UpaKetu , who is a malefic. By adding a Rasi to UpaKetu, you get the original longitude of Sun.

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These are the Grahas, devoid of splendor, which are malefic by nature and cause affliction. The Upagrahas are also called the Apraksha Grahas. Their position depends only on the length of the Sun. The rules are given below. Effects of Sub-Grahas. If one of these afflicts Sun, the native's dynasty will decline, while Moon and Ascendant, respectively, associated with one of these, will destroy the longevity and wisdom. So declared Lord Brahma, the Lotus-Born.

Calculations of Gulika. The portions of Sun up to Saturn denote the periods of Gulika and others. Divide the day duration of any week day into eight equal parts. The eighth portion is Lord-less. The seven portions are distributed to the seven Grahas commencing from the Lord of the week day. Whichever portion is ruled by Saturn, will be the portion of Gulika. Similarly make the night duration into eight equal parts and distribute these, commencing from the Lord of the 5th by week.

Here again, the eighth portion is Lord-less, while Saturn's portion is Gulika. These durations differently apply to different places commensurate with variable day and night durations. Out of the 5 Kaala Velas - Gulika four except Kaala related to Sun have their own Rasi system in the respective Rasis, ruled by their fathers.

Gulika, son of Saturn, has Aquarius, as his own Bhava. Jupiter's son, Yamaghantak, has it in Sagittarius. Ardhaprahar, Mercury's son, is in own Rasi, if in Gemini.

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Mrityu, son of Mars, has Scorpio, as own Bhava. It is not known, why Kaala, a son of Sun shifted to Capricorn, a Rasi of his brother Saturn , leaving his father's Leo. Obviously, Saturn has given his Moolatrikona to his son Gulika, while he gave Capricorn a secondary Rasi to his 'brother' Kaala. For emotional experience of the the Parents childhood home and the"parenting style" of one's primary caretakers, see fruits 11 of past-life identity 12 bhava Clearly, choosing good parents through psychic networking in the pre- conception astral state 12 is one of the central goals of meditation and spirit communication.

Then look to the condition of vyaya bhava in the radix.

Will vyaya bhava generate the community support 11 and personal courage 3 necessary to realize its goals? Can it generate public dignity, high levels of social permission, and scope of social action? The central result of psychic communication being the setting of permission levels, we gain from Dwadashamsha presuming an accurate birth time a confirming level of detail regarding parentage. Kinship relations in the dvadashamsha varga To see details of the father in Dwadashamsha, find either.

To see details of the mother in Dwadashamsha,. For father, see also the bhratri-karaka, which is the graha holding the 3rd- highest degree in any rashi within the radix. For mother, see also the matri-karaka, which is the graha holding the 4th- highest degree in any rashi within the radix. For father, see Surya and Guru. Graha in dharma bhava, and L-9, for the material relationship with Father and his moral belief system. First husband in a woman's nativity, see Guru and the dara-karaka. For mother, see Chandra. Graha in Bandhu bhava, and L-4, for the material relationship with Mother and her cultural manners and roots.

Wife in a male nativity, see Shukra and the dara-karaka. Mesha 1. Mesha 2. Vrishabha 3. Mithuna 4. Karkata 5. Simha 6. Kanya 7. Thula 8. Vrischika 9. Dhanushya Makara Kumbha Vrishabha 1. Vrishabha 2. Mithuna 3. Karkata 4. Simha 5. Kanya 6. Thula 7. Vrischika 8.

You can generate your chart here.

Dhanushya 9. Meena Mithuna 1. Mithuna 2. Karkata 3. Simha 4. Kanya 5. Thula 6.

Vrischika 7. Dhanushya 8. Makara 9. Mesha Karkata 1. Karkata 2. Simha 3. Kanya 4. Thula 5. Vrischika 6.

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Dhanushya 7. Makara 8. Kumbha 9. Vrishabha Simha 2. Kanya 3. Thula 4. Vrischika 5. Dhanushya 6.

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Makara 7. Kumbha 8. Meena 9. Mithuna Any division starts at D-1 Lagna and covers all the 12 signs. Determination of Longevity by Dwadashamsha. The following table gives the longevity of the native depending upon where the 8 th Lord of D-1 has gone in D Thank you so much for your article on D Kindly let me know whether we apply SRI K.

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