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Study Astrology with Richard Fidler It gives me great pleasure to share what I've learned over the years about the rich, vast and exciting subject of astrology. Although I occasionally run courses in various parts of the country, it's often not possible for people to attend these courses in person, usually due to distance or scheduling obstacles. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology it's not too difficult to get around this. Long distance tuition can be very effective! I gladly teach people on an individual basis, since each person approaches the subject in their own unique way, and people have unique needs.

Individual tuition allows for the pace and duration to be adapted as needed.

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God geometrises -Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology Astrology is assured recognition from psychology without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity -Carl G. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is the astrology of India. Vedic and western astrology are essentially different dialects of the same language. On the whole they use the same symbols and concepts for their core tasks, but apply these in technically different ways.

Vic DiCara's Astrology. Vic's Website: vicdicara. I also give illustrations of how to interpret Ascendant and Ketu combinations in the other six possible synastric shapes. You can get access to my readings there, as well as my books and classes on astrology and Vedic philosophy. Hopefully to wrap up any loose ends regarding the recent videos about how Tropical and Sidereal charts work in the case of Donald Trump. Don't disagree with me. Don't doubt me.

I know magic. Trump Replies Here is the video of which this is an extension: mn-zone. Here is a text version of this video: Thank you to all positive, constructive and intelligent comments. I just want to respond to the disagreeable ones for a second. Subjectivity Dharma Yoga - context please! And this happend November 8, while Jupiter was in Return thus aspecting his 1st Lord in Raja Yoga, and Mars was at the very end of its exaltation, aspecting his Natal Mars 9L, and Ascendant and 9th house cusp from his 6th house.

Take my course. The primary Raja yoga in his chart is his first lord Sun aspecting Ketu in either the 4th house sidereal or 5th house tropical. None of these things are visible in the tropical where Jupiter goes to the 3rd. The amount of aspect Jupiter has on the 6th and 10th is the same regardless of the ayanamsha used, even if no ayanamsha is used.

No fame ever is. He is the president. He appeals to the lowest because he is unbalance and uncompromising.


But Trump Bankrupted 6 companies! He is not unsuccessful and did not make any long term mistakes in the long run. To have 3 billion dollars after bankrupting 6 big companies proves that bankruptcy is not always a financial mistake or loss. You wanted a demonstration of tropical Vedic astrology compared to Sidereal. Here it is. You wanted that demonstration done on Trumps chart. Now what? Well next will be Einstein, Hitler and Tesla - because you wanted that too. Here are the shorthand notes.

Rod Suskin's World 26.8.16: A conversation with astrologer Richard Fidler

Is he rich because of success or visa versa? Order this compatibility report here: vicdicara. Conjunctions calculating - Syn.

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Indra's Vag. There is plenty of historical research showing classical astrologers using sidereal zodiac signs. Statements in Hora Ratnam and Vasishtha Samhita show that the sidereal zodiac has been dominant in India since olden times. Why would India adopt the sidereal convention, when the rest of the world did just the opposite? Why does anyone try to say one system is right and the other is wrong?

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They are just used for different things! Tropical is a seasonal zodiac, used for calendars and weather. Sidereal is a stellar zodiac used for natal astrology. If it is true that the zodiac should be tropical and the nakshatras should be sidereal, why are you the only one who realizes it? If you are right, are all the sidereal astrologers wrong? What actually changes in the charts, if we use your system? Are the Jyotisha classics like Parashara Hora, Brighu Samhita, etc meant to be used with tropical signs?

How can Asvini not be at the beginning of Aries!? How would you explain the 12 symbols of the Zodiac which most people say were originally taken from Egyptian sidereal constellations? If the Zodiac signs are tropical how are astrological ages determined? What does this debate reveal about ourselves as astrologers and human beings? How can that revelation improve the astrological community?

What is your viewpoint on this? What is the difference between the way you and Ernst Wilhelm way of calculate nakshatras? Are there 27 or 28 nakshatras? If the nakshatras are constellations, why are they all of equal size, 13 degrees 20 minutes? Apin reference of the equinox to Libra: 1. See vicdicara. Apin specifies 18 constellation divisions. Egyptians had Asia, including India, had 27 or But it does not make our present seasons in the various months as they were in the days of Varahamihira or Kalidasa.

It is hoped that at not a distant date, further reforms for locating the lunar and solar festivals in the seasons in which they were originally observed will be adopted. Thanks to Joey Malone, my alter-ego from a parallel universe, for giving a voice and a face to all these question. Thanks to www. This group was such a pleasure, I gave them a bonus session where I replied to ANY question they asked.

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Magic or Superstition and more! Want to be a better leader, or just better understand what a good leader should be? The astrological symbolism connected to the Sun will shine brilliant light on this. If you want to be visible, you must have clear vision If you want to be a leader, you must make confident decisions.

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A good leader learns how to make good decisions, by practice; and has the self-confidence to admit and correct bad decisions Vic's Website: vicdicara. Here are the results of my research on 96 charts - examining houses occupied by lords and planets in people involved in notably good and bad relationships. In this video Vic explains what the vedas are, where they comes from, and how to use them most effectively. Here is my report of what my research has shown about the effect of cross-chart conjunctions in synastric compatibility.

Can longevity be predicted by the number of conjunctions between two charts? Can the positivity of a relationship be predicted in the same way? What are the most frequent conjunctions in good, bad, long and short relationships? I share the answers provided by my research. I will explain the rationale behind the Vedic concept of life after death.

This video explains how, and what's coming next to try to improve the accuracy further and extend it to other factors. Vic DiCara explains what the Vedas have to say on the subject of Creation. Learn about Indra's "Politics in Paradise" and how the rain god became the king of heaven. The 3rd in a series of videos discussing the second part of my book: Nakshatra - the Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology www.

The 2nd in a series of videos discussing the second part of my book: Nakshatra - the Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology www. The 1st in a series of videos discussing the second part of my book: Nakshatra - the Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology www. Richard gives a minute presentation, Vic responds in 4 minutes, and Richard gives a concluding statement. Then Vic gives a minute presentation, Richard responds in 4, and Vic gives a closing statement. I'll explain what I am going to be working on and giving you in the first half of New readings, research, and youtube series!

Lada explains the type of astrology she practices, how she became an astrologer, what she like to do with astrology, and how she feels about the astrological community; as well as shares her thoughts about religion, god, good and bad, and male and female. Her explanation of the male and female chakras is amazing. I'll answer questions related to love, romance, sex, marriage, relationships, etc - for Valentines Day. Nicole is a natural, honest, deep, real person.

Her personal story and her insights into deep and important things about life are easy to understand, yet profound. You won't regret giving the 40 something minutes to watch this whole thing at least once. Here is a first look at what's in my new book, Nakshatra - the Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology vicdicara. Amanda is not a practicing astrologer but is absolutely essential in the astrological community, being the Co-Founder and CEO of AstrologyHub.

She brings together dozens of world-class astrologers and allows people around the world to better avail themselves of their inspiration, wisdom and guidance. A most important point she brings forward is that a session with an astrologer is, ideally, a co-creative, interactive process; not a one-way dictation of fated information. Interview with Donna Woodwell: Classical Shaman-academ-awesome astrologer! Donna Woodwell explains the exact parallel to sidereal Nakshatra with Tropical Rashi, as it affects the western astrological traditions.

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Let's see if we can make any sense of how Eclipses truly affect the horoscope vicdicara. So I need to do another session on this topic for their sake. I and perhaps most other astrologers consider Conjunctions and Oppositions to be the strongest types of aspect. Of course at the time of this writing the missile has not yet been launched, though there seems to be every likelihood that it will be. Posted by Richard Fidler, astrologer extraordinaire at PM. Labels: www. No comments:.