December 9 2019 astrology uranus retrograde

And that is something you have to take to heart. LIBRA With Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of the Soul, Transformation and Shared Finance, you will gain insight and appreciation for life and the abundance that life has to offer you in the coming six months.

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Retrograde Uranus in Taurus brings developments that make you have to give up the illusion of control. It is time to let go of what you no longer serve. Uranus in Taurus retrograde is a search for freedom within your own primary needs and true desires and desires. Trust the process of life and be thankful for all the abundance that the world has to offer. From the Cosmos you get exactly what you need to understand your inner motives and those of others.

In this cosmic search for new spiritual and emotional depth, Libra gets the chance to find the truth within. If you have not been honest with your loved one or if you were lying to yourself for the sake of love, you will gain insights in the coming months that will change your relationship with your partner. Uranus in Taurus retrograde in your House of Relationships shows a nice journey during this period of deepening to recall good times with your partner.

You will get answers to all your questions. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus brings an old love back to your life in the coming months and you can end a steady relationship when you meet someone with whom you experience a soul relationship. New partnerships arise in your career or you get colleagues or employees. You are looking for a less stressful job with more personal freedom. You realise that you have to spend more time on yourself. More exercise, healthier food.

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Stop smoking or drinking alcohol. During these months you will have to deal with unexpected events on your path that cause stress. You are faced with the facts of living unhealthy, so taking care of your body is of the utmost importance to stay in touch with your essence. When you discover the truth about yourself this will lead to a new outlook on life. From the moment that Uranus turns direct at the beginning of January , an improved version of yourself has emerged. Re discover yourself! All work and no play is not good for anyone.

Uranus retrograde shows you the consequences of stress and working late. It's time to adjust your lifestyle, because that is what your soul needs. Follow your creative impulses, dare to be a child again! Go on an adventure in nature and reconnect with your inner child. Free time for your own children and children in your family. This Uranus retrograde is also a period of sudden and surprising developments in your love life, but also of tension in the steady relationship.

Your career or study requires a lot of time and retrograde Uranus in Taurus says: make time for each other. It is a period to think about what you want and need in a relationship, either love or friendship. A quest. Back to yourself.

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Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. The moon connects with wildcard Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, asking you to open up to impossible-seeming ideas, and Mercury enters Leo, finding you in a social mood and meeting up with people you couldn't connect with during last month's retrograde.

The moon enters grounded Capricorn, bringing communication your way, and Jupiter ends its retrograde, finding you reconsidering your finances. The moon connects with unruly Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, bringing big surprises to your relationships, and Mercury enters Leo, helping you move forward with conversations concerning your career. The moon enters Capricorn, finding you focused on cash, and your ruling planet Jupiter ends its retrograde, asking you to reflect on the ways you want to expand over the next few months.

The moon connects with electric Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, bringing changes to your schedule, and Mercury enters fellow fire sign Leo, bringing travel and learning opportunities your way. The moon enters your sign today, Capricorn! Focus on self care and get some rest as Jupiter ends its retrograde. The moon connects with wildcard Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, bringing surprises to your love life and your creative endeavors.

Mercury enters Leo again after last month's retrograde, helping you discuss tricky topics. The moon enters Capricorn, finding you eager to catch up on time alone, even though so much growth is taking place in your social life as Jupiter ends its retrograde. The moon connects with unruly Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, bringing changes at home, and Mercury enters your opposite sign Leo, pushing conversations forward in your relationships.

The moon enters Capricorn and Jupiter ends its retrograde, inspiring you to network—not just for your social life but for your career, too! The moon connects with wildcard Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, finding you meeting inspiring people and sharing surprising ideas. Mercury enters Leo again after last month's retrograde, helping you finally push plans forward.

However, putting some illusions aside can be healthy as you make room for more realizable goals. Mars moves into your partnership sector today, dear Taurus, and will transit this area of your solar chart until January 26th. This can be an animated time for relationships, and also a chance for discovering your own passions and courage through another person. Problems that have been festering in a relationship have a way of surfacing now.

People may seem to be opposing you more than usual during this cycle!

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It can also be a time in which you have more courage to pursue a relationship. Own and acknowledge your role in conflicts. It can also play with your mood, motivation, and drive, but this is a temporary thing. Areas of life that may be up in the air or unclear include friendships, boundaries in your relationships, work, and intimacy. Mars begins its transit of your work and health sector today, dear Gemini, and will continue to animate this area of your solar chart until January 26th, challenging you to do your best in these life departments.

You have increased initiative and energy for work projects and can apply yourself with more vigor. You might also step up or begin a health and fitness program during this cycle. Conflicts can emerge if you push others to keep your pace, or push yourself too hard. Use this time to bring more confidence, action, and courage to your work or your health routines.

Today there is terrific energy for returning to an old problem to fix it, generating ideas especially with others , and nurturing a friend or a partner. However, as the day advances, you may be facing evasiveness in others that is confusing. A lack of general direction may be negatively impacting a relationship. The primary key to enjoying today involves letting go of too-high expectations—of yourself, another person, and a relationship as a whole. Mars rules energy, initiative, libido, and drive and is now moving through your solar fifth house of romance, pleasure, self-expression, and creativity, dear Cancer.

These areas of your life are invigorated. This is a time when you want to take action to pursue your pleasure, a relationship, a hobby, or other heartfelt activity. You are more willing to take personal risks with your heart and your creative impulses. You are quicker than usual to seize opportunities when they arise. Romance can become heated, and this can be stimulating or challenging, depending on how you handle the energy. Today holds terrific energy for revisiting old ideas and changing plans in happy ways, particularly related to work and everyday life.

Resolve to pay better attention to your spiritual needs going forward, as they are real and can seep into your life in disruptive ways if you forget to nourish your spirit. Mars enters your home and family sector today, dear Leo, and will transit this area of your solar chart until January 26th, enlivening your personal and home life.

Watch for a defensive manner, but do enjoy extra time spent on improving your home life. Expressing your desires, wants, and frustrations may not be as straightforward during this period.

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This can be a good time for entertaining in the home, although at times you could find that your home life is a little too busy. However, as the day advances, watch for a tendency to pick and choose which cues from your environment to see and which ones to overlook. There can be a veil over your eyes when it comes to your relationships, and perhaps some blurred boundaries or uncertain feelings. Assertive, energetic Mars enters your communications sector today, dear Virgo, influencing this part of your solar chart until January 26th, and you can be anxious to get going on various projects, studies, and personal interests.

You quickly become fired up about your ideas, projects, and interests now, and you can get a lot done with increased passion and vigor. There can be a tendency to use words as a weapon during this cycle. However, as the day advances, emotions and affections can be complicated now, so do your best to hold off on drawing up conclusions. Consider that idealism is coloring your perceptions just for the time being, primarily related to money and relationships. It can feel inconvenient to face reality about a person or situation right now, but in the long run, it can save you a lot of time and energy.

Fiery Mars leaves your sign today, dear Libra, entering Scorpio and your resources sector for a transit that will last until January 26th. On the other hand, impulsiveness with money can emerge now, which can in some cases cancel out your initiatives to make more. Focus now on building rather than squandering your resources.

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  • Feel the increased courage to earn what you deserve. However, as it advances, a Venus-Neptune square comes into influence and plays with your usually excellent ability to see things objectively. On some level, you may be attempting to feed previously held beliefs about someone and, in the process, not honestly facing reality. When it comes to facts and figures, you may need to pay extra attention to getting things right.

    However, with people and the non-material world, you may need to let things flow along naturally. Mars enters Scorpio today and will transit your sign until January 26th, dear Scorpio. Mars rules your personal energy levels, initiative, and drive, and its presence in your sign can elevate all of these things.

    Angry feelings might also be triggered during this cycle, and you might want to watch for overly hasty, impulsive, or impatient behavior. Otherwise, you can use this period to begin new projects or heartily pursue personal goals. Assert yourself but employ self-control, and take action on things that matter to you most.

    Today, work or health ideas are golden, and you can devise a fabulous plan. However, later today a Venus-Neptune influence can throw a veil over matters of the heart, just for now. There is a tendency today to hook onto an idea or dream that is impractical now. Use this time to increase your powers of empathy and compassion, but not to over-idealize someone or something.

    You enter a cycle in which energy may be at a lower point, dear Sagittarius, as you reorient yourself and regroup. However, you have the chance and motivation to take action on behind the scenes areas of your life or to resolve frustrating matters of the past. Romance may be quiet or private now for some of you. Wishful thinking is just fine if it inspires you or motivates you to go after what you want, but if it only serves to leave you wanting, then you should probably let it go and get on with your day!


    However, ignoring your spiritual needs is not an option, either. Resolve to feed your needs for inspired living going forward. Mars moving out of your career and reputation sector today can be relieving, dear Capricorn, even if its transit there has pushed you to pursue your goals more effectively. Mars now transits your sector of friendship, community, goals, and dreams, and until January 26th, increased energy is with you for group efforts, activities with friends, teamwork, and work towards social goals.

    While there may be some competitive energies among friends, you can manage them better if you recognize the value of the team and consider ways to get involved or enlist help with your projects. Social affairs can be animated and busy. Watch for a tendency to pin your hopes on something a little too good to be true.

    You might also watch for speaking too soon. Feelings of discontent can be vague, and whims might mask the things you are honestly missing.