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Join or Log Into Facebook. Email or Phone. Forgot account? Sign Up. I have got some rare books as under which I would like to make accessible to all Astrologers who may be interested. Some of them are advanced, while the others are good for both beginners and Experts. These will come as Photostat Copies in Spiral binding to you, since the Originals are not available, either due to reprinting not done or no copies available anywhere for sale. This book has always been out of print and one has to find ways and means of acquiring the same. The traditional Astrologers most of them most of the times find themselves at cross roads when it comes to Predictions, though they are experts at Theory work.

But this is not astrology. One is interested in our Predictions and not in our lectures on character or nature analysis when one comes to us with his chart. This book will teach you how to predict in the most simplest manner ever you may have ever imagined. Once you understand this book after a couple of readings through the numerous illustrations given in same, you will be able to consider yourself as a KP Astrologer.

Comments — I recommend this book for any astrologer who wishes to fine tune his predictions. You will thank me after you have gone through it.

Astrology by Ronnie Gale Dreyer, New York City

Comments — Again this author is renowned and so are his books. This particular book is valuable for those who know Western astrology, aspects, terms etc. Comments — This is a must have book for a medical Astrologer by this renowned author. This is the best Book on Yogi, Avayogi, and has many other techniques which defy the Traditional Knowledge, including a Mathematical Formula on how to check Impotency in a Man. The author needs no introductions. Comments- Who does not know this man?

His previous books are also in much demand in the market at any given time. Subramanya Sastri. I have got quite a few translations of the Brihata Jatak, but not any as good as this one. The second edition of this book was published in The best part of this book is that after every shloka the Notes given by the author compile almost every other author in the rendering of the meaning of the shloka, given alongwith explanations.

This is like few teachers explaining the same shloka to us in first person. The index of this Book itself contains 32 Pages and one can immediately search for the shlokas of any event one is looking for. Comments — This is a must have book to refer to by any novice or Expert in astrology. This Book will help only those Astrologers who want to learn Calculations on this.

It will not help one who is looking for learning predictive Part. Comments — All his books needless to say are worth keeping in one's personal Library. The name is Self explanatory and the author is renowned for his simplicity yet effective approach towards astrology. Books on Stock Markets and Speculations. Ganga Prasad. Best application of Numbers to forecasting Market prices and winners in Lotteries and Horse racing etc.

This book was written it seems before 's in time of Rupees and annas. Some use of Western astrology Aspects as well as Dhruvank etc. The author has given rules of forecasting daily rise and fall in prices of commodities and Shares. A good number of examples have been presented as illustrations. Comments — I have not personally used the principles mentioned therein for am not into Racing, Lottery or into Shares.

At least not presently. This book too it seems as been written in and extra Saturnine planets have been taken into account. This book does not deal with regards to gambling or Racing, but only connected to Shares, Stocks, Cotton, and Bullion Markets.

Best Books of Vedic Astrology (Hindi)

The author mentions that this is his Life time study. The author is obviously a Bengali writer and seems knowledgable. Western astrology has been used here too. This Book deals totally with aspects, and conjunctions formed in different signs by different planets, what they mean in every sign and how they will affect the prices fall or rise or keep them steady.

This is a rare book and an advanced book on astrology conjoined with astronomy not easy for all to understand. This was first published in This book contains illustrations on how to find the longevity of a Native to his day of death. It also contains illustrations on how to find the marriage day of a native. This book is not meant for an Ordinary student. Pages Comments -This book whether one may understand or not, is worth keeping. First published in This is a basic book on Indian astrology but among the best I found in 25 years of journey through books.

Here certain approaches are mentioned in such a simpler and novel manner and methods that one cannot help but marvel at the truths which so strikingly we may have missed all these years though in front of us always. Comments — I recommend this for all New entrants and Experts also for reading and understanding all the Lagnas, houses, concepts, ways of examining the Horoscope, and how to predict.

First edition in This book is small in number of Pages but very vast in information. Psoriasis Syphyllis , Elephantiasis Filaria Parkinsons disease Dumbness and deafness All major and minor events of life and accordingly case studies have been presented,with the help of the horoscopes of the natives and with illustrations. These horoscopes have been practically analysed, with results have been inluded in the book. The analysis of the case studies are in itself educating and can be used to analyse similar situations and reach a correct prediction.

The book also contains a complete Kritshnmurthy tables as well. These well edited articles on various branches of Indian Astrology, various planetary combinations and possible predictions based on these planetary positions and other aspects are dealt exhaustively in the encyclopaedia. The various astrological combinations and their results enable the easy prediction of astrological results. More than combinations analysed with prediction. Muthuswamy , is known in astrological circles in Kerala as the Upakulapathi of Indian Astrology.

He has been ardently promoting the learning of Indian astrology among the various sections of Kerala for the last 15 years and he has a large student base. He recently organised an All India Astrological Conference at Trivandrum and was well attended by the scholars from various parts of the country. He has also presented papers on various seminars organised by different organisation all over India. Muthuswamy, has written more than 60 books on astrology in Malayalam and has written Exhaustive commentary for Saravali in 6 parts, Brihathparasarahoara in 2 parts, Uthara Kaalamritham in 2 parts, Prasnanushtanapadhathi in 2 parts, Prasnamarga in 6 parts, and critically edited with text and commentaries several books on various aspects of Indian astrology.

An important Branch of Indian Astrology. A complete detailed study of the Ashtamangalaprasna has been undertaken in this volume. The book goes in detail about the intricacies of conducting an Ashtamangalaprasna , selecting and analysing the aroodta, its revelation of various details during the prasna, solution to various day to day problems, diseases,etc.

Rs A complete tutor for learning the complete aspects of Rudiments of Indian Astrology in simple modular lessons. The book presents the Basic concepts of astrology in easy to understand lessons. These lessons on Indian astrology are arranged in simple and easy modules avoding technical jargon and quotations from sourc texts. In the present book the materials have been arranged in samll units in a systematic manner for easy learning. Starting from the fundamental principles of astrology the lessons take the learner step by step to the deeper understandingall the technical aspects.

An essential book for the learning of Astrology. This book is a stand alone text and can be used for mastering the concepts of Indian Astrology. These lessons are arranged in simple style comprising of smaller units in a systematic and comprehensive manner to enable the learner to learn the South Indian system of astrology. The book has been well illustrated with examples and charts and tables for the easy understanding of the fundamental concepts of Indian astrology.

Well arranged tables and exercises takes the learner through to the various concepts of Indian System of Astrology. North Indian and South Indian system of astrological charts have been incorporated in the text. Starting from fundamental principles of astrology, the lessons take the learner step by step to the deeper understating of all the technical aspects of Indian Astrology. A Complete reader in itself. Gulika is a sensitive point in the Zodiac emerging at different points on different days.

The rich and varied effects, good and bad in ones life are attributed to Gulika in Astrology. The present book makes an in-depth of study of Gulika and its various aspects based on the classics of Indian and Kerala Astrology , like Prasnamarga, Phaladeepika etc. Extensively quoted with Sanskrit texts in Devanagari. This is a compendium of all relevant material available on Gulika. The only study of its kind. P rof.

N E Muthuswamy. First volume, Concepts and case studies -in Medical Astrology -- Starting with the Basic concepts of Indian astrology as relevant to Medical Astrology are presented. Then a set of case studies are presented for understanding the applicatio n of astrological principles and how they co uld be used for analyzing the diseases and their onset for a native, as available from horoscopes. Contents of volume one.

Second volume - Remedial measures in Medical astrology starts with different types of diseases and how the astrological remedies are available for these diseases. The planetary combinations for different diseases are well documented. A Detailed remedies for different diseases as available through Navagraha dosha shanthi, Gemmology etc are well documented. Contents of volume two. Muhurtha for taking Medicines and undergoing Surgery. Planetary combinations for Becoming Medical Practioners.

Our present effort is to study in detail and collate the volley of information found scattered in different texts on the Muhoortha branch of astrology, analyze, understand some of the significant minutiae of Muhoortha and present them cogently in the form of a handbook for easy reference and assimilation. Our present effort is to study in detail and collate the volley of information found scattered in different texts on the Muhoortha branch of astrology , analyze, understand some of the significant minutiae of Muhoortha and present them cogently in the form of a handbook for easy reference and assimilation.

The tables contain the details of accepted Nakshatras, Tithis and Weekdays and wherever necessary the Nityayogas and Karanas in separate rows, for different functions, indicated under separate heads at the top. Under each of the select activity for which suitable muhoorthas have to be decided, the acceptable nakshatras, tithis and weekdays are furnished in column two.

The acceptable nakshatras have also been given in the alphabetical order, wherever necessary, in the second row to facilitate a quick reference.

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In the first volume , starting with the basic concepts of time, he delves into the history of time, and divisions of Time. The short history of calendar takes the reader to the different calendar systems prevalent during the years and takes the reader to the foundations of time and starts with the fundamentals of muhoortha and its character. The next chapter on Muhoortha doashas is excellent in content on muhoortha blemishes and how they can be remedied with simple selection of change of time.

The chapter on Nakshatra and suitable deeds , contain muhoortha for deeds that are best suited to each Nakshatra. The deeds have been selected to suit the modern day requirements as well. The Samskaaras chapter delves deep into the history of various samkaaras as prescribed in different classics and its relevance to each samskaaras.


The chapter analyses each samskaraas based on different classics like Muhoortha padav i, Madhaveeyam, Kalaprakasika , Kalavidhanam, etc. In the second volume, of the book, the pitfalls to be avoided for the selection of Muhoortha are presented. The next section comprises the bulk of the volume which contains muhoortha tables for different deeds based on the present day necessities. In this book great effort has been made by Sri. Kalyanraman to elucidate the fundamental principles of arriving at a acceptable muhoortha. In fact this book is a comprehensive analysis of all the classics on Muhoortha.

Index - pages Contents of volume 2 - Tables for Muhoorthas 1. Electional Astrology - An Introduction 2.


Some Important Hinits 3. Muhoorthas for different Sanskaaras 1. Commencing his career as a teacher in Kerala and joining the central government servive retired as a senior class 1 officer of the Government of India. After a stint of story writing in Tamil, in the fifties, turned to serious studies of Saiva Siddhanta, Philosophy, Psychology, Bharateeya Ganitha Sastra, Vedic Mathematics, Ancient Hindu Astronomy, varied Astrological systems of the world, Vastu Sastra, Vedic Numerology, and allied disciplines under various teachers of repute.

As a freelancer he had been contributing on varied topics to magazines in English, Tamil and Malayalam from the fifties. Recipient of various awards and titles, he has been for over a decade a columnist, reviewer of books and contributor to Indian astrology, besides running its regular monthly features. Involved in co-ordinating and propagating the messages of Indian Scientific Heritage, his main passion is to bring the wisdom of our ancients to our younger generation.

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  8. Preferring anonymity to publicity, he would like to remain a student of the subjects he loves, perennially than carrying the can of any erudition. Set of 2 volumes Rs The individual characteristics of the zodiacal houses have its own importance in assessing the behavior of the native as projected by the Astrological charts. The chapters in the book portray the different facets as depicted by these houses. Each concept in the chapters have been analysed with individual charts and tables and a definite conclusion has been arrived at to pinpoint the discussion. Kendradhipati dosha' 2.

    Hora and trimsamsa on rectitude;4. The Paradox of the Sixth House;5. Feminine Psyche in Vedic Astrology; 6. Floundering Dhana Yogas;7. Prenatal Epoch and Conception;8. Astrological factors for Police Career;9. Rahu in Lagna; Role of Nakshatras in Spiritual Attainments; Apoklimas and old age travails; Time of conception; Drekkana clues in spritual charts; Abberation in female charts. In the Introductory chapters, a short introduction about the characteristics of Planets, Signs, Houses, etc.

    In this book, illustrations have been given in the form of Case studies with the help of the horoscopes of the natives, whose horoscopes, the author has extensively analysed with natal charts, cuspal charts, planetary configuration etc, and predictions have been more accurately made. Each case study has been deeply analysed and predictive analysis and the reasoning for the predictions have been fully ilustrated. The analysis of the case studies are in itself very educating and they can be used to analyse similar situations and reach correct analysis and prediction.

    These horoscopes portray the different aspects or events in life which every astrologer comes across during day to day consultations. This book, in your hand - which contains formula and methodology with different tables - is inevitable in making accurate predictions, in pinpointing events, even by the medical profession. It is a must, for all astrologers and public in general.

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    Core subject of this Book is matching horoscopes for a happy married life. This is done by Comparing Doshas and matching the Nakshatras. In this book the Author has discussed the Stree Jataka in respect of their longevity, health, wealth, education, profession, appearance, physique, character,family, relationships, friends etc.

    Similar aspects of the husband also have been discussed with reference to the Kalathra Sthana or 7th House of the female horoscope. The type of marriage the native will have whether it will be love-marriage, registered marriage, inter-cast or inter- religion marriage or conventional arranged marriage have also been discussed. Matching is discussed in Chapter 9, based on ten types of agreements corresponding to the Nakshatras of the female and the male. The importance of each of the agreement also has been brought out which, astrologers normally do not mention.

    The marriage is not only to get life-partner but also to have good children. In Chapter 10, the method of choosing auspicious time is discussed for the union of husband and wife so that good children are born. The last chapter details the progeny of the family, with analysis of different horoscopes in particular. To facilitate this matching a Ready Reckoned Table is given in the Appendix. His research papers are published in reputed journals abroad and in India. Introduction, 2. Longevity, Health, Wealth, Education and Profession, 3.

    Appearance, Physique, Nature and Character 4. Family, Relations and Friends. Marriage types, time and Age. Kalathra dosha or afflications to spouse. Effect of Lagna and Planets on 7th house. Choosing good time for Union of Husband wife Matching Horoscopes for Marriage. Introducing the basic concepts of the Dasa system as existing in different texts, the reader is taken to a deep discussion of Udu dasa system, which is the present prevalent system on which the dasa prediction is based and is in practice. The introductory chapters are illustrated with tables for dasa periods and how to calculate the periods of different dasa for each planet.

    The second section goes into general dasa prediction for each Planet and its positioning in each rasi and then delves with direct prediction for sub period and antardasas of each planet. The predictions are so arranged that the book can be used as ready reference to arrive at the results for each planet and its sub periods. The book is intended to be a ready-reckoner, to the students and practitioners alike and this book can help them to assort, assimilate and arrange the dasa results for any particular horoscope they are examining in an assiduous way.

    Interpretation of Dasa results, 5. General effects of Bhuktis, 6. Rahu Dasa, Guru Dasa, Sani dasa, Budha Dasa. This book on Longevity is an extended study on the principles of Longevity in Indian Astrology. Starting with the various concepts as depicted in different texts, the author analyses the different types, combinations, nature of different ayurdayas. The different causes for longevity of the native like place, nature, etc. The influence of Nakshatras, maraka periods in the natives life, are explained with examples of horoscopes. This book will guide the learner as well as the practicing astrologer to arrive at a plausible life term of a native by proper use of this book.

    Introduction, 1. Prasna Marga, 2. Three types of Longevity, 4. Various combinations for different Ayurdayas. Balarishta, Sadyorishta Infant mortality, 5. Time, Place, Nature, Cause and Mode of death, 7. Famous combinations for longevity,9. Span of Life : Two Theories of Longevity, Kalachakradasa, Ayurdaya Based on Ashtakavarga five Methods,. Nakshtrayush Based on Birth star , This book is a compilation of YOGAS in Indian Astrology that are specific planetary combinations, identifiable in any horoscope, which are deemed to have the special power and capacity of bringing forth some explicit results, good or bad.

    They are found in abundance and lie scattered by mention, in the various astrological texts of yore. Though technically any conjunction of planets can go under the classification of yoga, the ancient astrological treatises have identified some of the select ones as something special and categorized them under explicit nomenclatures that are suggestive of their precise attributes. This book is aimed to aid the right technique of interpretation of yogas , rather than their enumeration. Innovative in intention and investigative in insight, the book leads the reader through the labyrinths of varied versions, contentious, conciliatory and conflicting among themselves to arrive at a compatible conclusion.

    Through an incisive evaluation, the book helps the reader to appraise them appropriately. In addition it engulfs itself with an encyclopaedic content of many informative inputs. In short it is a vade-mecum for anyone, whose passion is astrology. Brief Contents. Naabhasayogas; Yogas based on Bhavas; Yogas based on Lagna or Langna Lord; Yogas recknoned from Lagna and Planets; Yogas based on Lords of houses, Yogas of Dhana and Bhagya, Raja yogas or Yogas of alluence, Yogas of Learning, proficiency and intelligence, Yogas conferring shelter, body and comforts, Yogas relating to family, relatives and friends and character, Yogas of misfortune, Yogas with negative and positive bhava dispositions, Miscellaneous yoags, Index.

    After a stint of story writing in Tamil in the fifties, turned to serious study of Saiva Siddhanta, Philosophy, Psychology, Vedic Mathematics, Bharateeya Ganitha Sastra, Jyothisha astronomy , the various astrological systems, Vastu Sastra, Vedic Numerology and allied disciplines, under various masters of repute. As a freelancer, though was contributing on varied topics, occasionally to various magazines in English, Tamil and Malayalam, mostly under disguise, for decades and has received many awards and accolades, would prefer to remain, anonymous and a student, till his last breath.

    These days when marriages are turning to be just a contract of convenience, the institution as a whole is falling a prey to objectivism. Adherance to our ancient cultural heritage and to get acquainted with planetary influences on marital affairs so as to get the best choice and avail the real bliss of the nuptial knot is the need of the hour. The theme of the book is to educate our readers and warn them of certain factors governing the fragility of marriages which could be averted or managed properly.

    It is hoped the book could help the readers and astrologers as well. Marriage is a landmark in ones life. In Hindu society it is a sacrament and something more beyond a contratual agreement to live together. The couples join together for furtherance of Dharma and begetting worthy children. Thus, marital affairs attain supreme importance in human beings. A blissful marital life is an asset while a disturbed and ruined conjugal life is only a bed of thorns.

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    In order to help ensure a happy marital life, an effort has been made to analyse planetary influences on marital affiars. A variation of planetary configurations may result in a number of hues and shades. Varied application of some astrological principles to some horoscopes in particular reference to marital affairs could lead to a marriage endowed with concord and harmony.

    Shukla born on April 1, in an agriculture based Zamindar family in a village of Mirzapur Distt. He is a retired officer from senior gazzated post of Regional Research Scientist U. Agriculture Service. Studied Astrology as swadhyaya self study for over two decades and the Astrological Magazine from Bangalore also served as an almamater.

    After retirement from the Governement job started writing on Astrology in English and Hindi. Major interest has been on Marital Affairs. About 50 research oriented articles have been published so far.

    Astro Books

    T he book is an inspiring compilation of interesting and informative articles on the various characteristics of Indian Astrology. Taking the reader on an exhilarating excursion into the computational, contentious and captivating topics, the book includes some special predictive inputs, peculiar to Kerala, apart from the narration of amazing anecdotes associated with some of its astrologers and astronomers. Surveying in brief the lands contribution to the astrological erudition, it delineates on some of the eminent scholars it had produced in the past. Discussing the causes, it presents a case for astrological acumen and presents some posers to predictors to ponder and pursue their investigation.

    Peripheral in pro foundity and pleasing in procedural parlance, the book can serve as a perennial guide to any practitioner besides enlightening the student and engaging the scholar.