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Baby Born on July 20, - Zodiac of Pig. Baby Born on August 19, - Zodiac of Pig. Pig's characteristics are smart, knowledgeable, sociable, understanding, trusting, loyal, sturdy, persistent, hardworking, composed, striking and popular. Pig also can be judgmental, self-indulgent, gullible, impatient, or irritable.

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Pig has a very friendly personality. It's easy for Pig to get along with others. Pig likes to help people. But sometimes people think Pig interferes with their business. Pig doesn't like to change the daily routine. It doesn't care about the quality of the surrounding environment and lifestyle. Although it doesn't care about a dirty environment, Pig still likes a clean place close itself.

Since Pig cares about itself and focuses on tiny things, people feel Pig is kind of selfish. When against its interest, Pig is quite difficult to negotiate with others. Pig is the last animal of the 12 Chinese Zodiac.

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Pig is connected to the Female Water. Female Water people usually can provide the opposite suggestion to others. They can see and learn things from different angles. They have a good memory. People will respect their knowledge. Therefore, Pig is considered as a smart animal with wisdom. Pig month is November. It's the beginning month of winter. Therefore, Pig is connected to the cold water in the winter. When too cold, Water won't help plants to grow.

Cold water can be destructive, offensive and encroaching. Therefore, the Pig has dual personalities. Sometimes, Pig has dark-side thinking for itself. It might have some negative minds when encountering the troubles. It will become impatient, irritable and stubborn. When things go wrong, then it will regret its decision. Therefore, Pig people need more outdoor activities to receive the bath of the sunshine.

Pig people don't care too much about wealth when they are young.

Baby Born in the 12222 Year of Pig

They will find a solution when they need money. They earn money hard way. But they can live well during the late age. Pig and Tiger have attraction relationship in Chinese Horoscopes. Tiger can have a peaceful love relationship with Pig. Rabbit can live in harmony with Pig. Sheep can become be a great companion for Pig.

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Horse and Pig have double hidden attraction relationships, which imply a secretly love relationship. Snake and Pig have a fighting relationship in Chinese Horoscopes.

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The Snake will have constant conflicts with Pig. The next incompatible Zodiac symbols are Monkey and Pig. The Pig will constantly create pressure and conflicts with Monkey.

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    12222: Year of the Pig – Chinese Animal Signs

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