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After your bath, give her a full body massage.

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Later, when you make love, be sure to talk to her during sex because nothing as erotic to her as her vivid imagination. Describe places and situations where you would like to make love to her down to the tiniest details. Your Challenge Virgo women have lists of things to do, and sometimes you could wind up being one more item on her list.

Susan Miller's Chart and Monthly Horoscope Background

How To Handle Her Your goal is to allow her to take time to relax and gently pull her away from her everyday cares. New Articles from Susan.

Susan Miller Astrology Chart

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Astro Horoscope. A good way to start your day is to read your horoscopes. First download this app. Discover what the future holds for Leo. Star studio. Read accurate and detailed predictions for every day. Your words sing with color—people are compelled to listen to all you have to say. The words in your vocabulary are like jewels—unique, elegantly refined—and they make your manuscripts dazzle. As you write, you choose each word for just the right meaning. For you, nothing is done offhand or casually, but deliberately, with care.

The Virgo Woman: August 23 – September 22

Some of our finest editors, writers, proofreaders, advertising copywriters, publicists, television producers, and other professionals in the art of conveying information are Virgos. No surprise there! You are organized and reliable, and your strong practical, good common sense is often the reason for your core success.

People depend on you, and you are not one to let them down.

Virgo July 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

You have fine-tuned your organizational skills to a high art—few can match you on that score. Your active mind seeks to analyze, categorize, and perfect nearly everything that passes your gaze. Your open willingness to redo parts of your projects is admirable. You are quite modest about the excellence of your work too, a quality others find lovable in you. Most people would proclaim their accomplishments from the rooftops. Indeed, you are a ball of sparkling energy, so it is no wonder others want you in their corner.

Virgo is the sign of health and nutrition, among the few signs that are dedicated to eating right and getting enough exercise. You usually have a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, along with grains and other good-for-you foods. You were born at the time of the harvest, when the fresh, most delicious produce reaches peak flavor and ripeness.