Pisces weekly horoscope november 16 2019

And with an Aries Full Moon coming up on Sunday the 13 th you can expect things to gather considerable speed.


With both the Sun and Moon square Pluto too, this is certainly a transformative Full Moon and an opportunity to make brave, rapid progress toward your goals! Mercury opposes Uranus on the Monday delivering some potentially shocking news. What you hear on Monday could be unexpected but liberating. You might not be feeling so light yourself, what with the Sun square Saturn direct in Capricorn too. Monday calls for responsibility, maturity and commitment.

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Are you willing to step up to that plate? If so, then you could see your plans take concrete shape and form as soon as the week begins. With Venus in the most probing of signs and Mars opposite Chiron on Wednesday the 9th, this is the time to take real steps to heal these old relationship wounds. No use beating about the bush. What is it you want?

The Week Ahead for Pisces

What bugs you? Out with it! As Mercury connects with the eclipse points on Saturday and begins to slow down, this is the moment of truth. Start preparing now. Try to follow the hints which these symptoms provide. It will help you backtrack and reach to the root cause of the disease. Take proper measures to remove the infection and you will wipe off more diseases which you could not even see until now.


You are going to learn something new about your partner and this new information may come as a huge surprise to you. But this is a pleasant surprise. In fact, this new information can solve a number of problems and confusing issues surrounding your relationship. Take advantage of this situation to indulge in a great time with your partner.

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Though you are well established in your field, you may feel restless in your work. A feeling of discontent with what you know can now begin to disturb you.

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  • However, it will be rather foolhardy to leave your job right now. These feelings are transient and avoid taking any major career decisions today as you are likely to be misguided.