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To get centered again, lean in to the earthy energy of this star sign. Forest bathing can boost immune system functioning, mood, focus, and energy while reducing blood pressure and stress.

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You can forest bathe wherever you can find even one single tree. Leave your phone behind, walk slowly and without agenda, and savor the sensuous sights and smells under the canopy.

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Your goals should match your priorities in life, so the first step might be figuring out what really matters to you. Write down benchmarks that are specific, measurable, relevant—and most of all, achievable and realistic. Virgo season will want you to strive for perfection.

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Fitting more exercise or education into an already packed schedule can be difficult if not impossible. Virgo can help you find a way to live more efficiently, opening opportunities to take an online course or add an hour of Pilates to your daily routine. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in things that are imperfect—a timely philosophy for persnickety Virgo season. With roots in Zen, this simple concept reveres nature and accepts the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death.

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Wabi-sabi suggests that surrendering to and being in the natural flow of everyday life brings peace and balance. Living wabi-sabi can be as simple as savoring the magic of homegrown tomatoes in late August or bringing in a bouquet of wildflowers from a nearby field. It could mean simply taking a meditative daily walk to escape the modern madness. Ruled by articulate Mercury, Virgo season sharpens our command of language.

Whether you freestyle at open mic night, pen stanzas in a Moleskine notebook or write your memoir is up to you.

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But you may discover that you have more to say and share than you gave yourself credit for during this monthlong zodiac season. No need to plunge down any rabbit holes in search of material.

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Virgo Karl Lagerfeld built a floor-to-ceiling library, stacking his massive collection sideways so the titles are easy to read. The term has evolved in the 20 th century to become slang for putting on a condom a safe and practical Virgo thing to do , but the original meaning of putting on your consideration cap, or thinking cap, implies a period of reflection and concentration—an ideal state of mind for Virgo season.

Dig into a project that requires your best analytical deliberation and scrutiny. It is, after all, back-to-school season. Young or old, educating yourself not only makes you smarter, but it also improves your memory.

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Many of her GIFS have gone viral reaching over million views. Her style is heavily influenced by psychedelic cartoons, pinball, Art Nouveau, and more. She has shown her work at galleries around the Globe, including Minna, San Francisco.

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